Why Private School?

Why Private School?

Why Private School?

Our children’s education is an important part оf shaping their future. But why private school? Whаt they learn now and hоw they get ready fоr the future depends a lоt оn their еduсаtiоn and the background they are рrоvidеd with. Parents оf young children hаvе an important dесiѕiоn tо mаkе when it соmеѕ tо their child’s еduсаtiоn. Thеу muѕt сhооѕе whether tо put their child in one оf the mаnу private ѕсhооlѕ, оr a public school. While putting уоur children in a private ѕсhооl dоеѕ represent a significant finаnсiаl investment, there аrе numеrоuѕ bеnеfitѕ to using a private school оvеr a public ѕсhооl that уоu muѕt соnѕidеr.

Better for Students

Studies in Canada and the United States have consistently shown that students who are enrolled in a private school score higher on standardized tests and college entrance exams than those who compete a public school education. By enrolling your child in a private school, you also increase the likelihood that he will attend college after graduation. This statistic proves true even for students who only compete eighth grade in a private school, and then compete the remainder of their education in a public school, so the influence of the private school setting begins at an early age.

Not only are the academic achievements of private school students better, but the environment is also better. The Horatio Alger Association and the Bureau of Justice Statistics in the United States did independent studies about private schools, and both came to the same conclusion. Students who are enrolled in private schools feel safer in their school environment, respond better to teachers, and feel more support academically than contemporaries who are enrolled in a public school setting.

Another way students in private schools benefit from private education is through smaller teacher to student ratios. This means that most students are able to get one on one time with the teacher, and the teacher is available to help with concerns when they arise. This likely is part of the reason for the higher test scores attributed to private school students.

Private School Offеrѕ Chоiсеѕ

Another benefit of choosing to enroll your students in a private school is the fact that doing so gives you choices in regards to your children’s education. If you are looking for a school with a heavy emphasis on science, you can choose one. If you wish to enroll your children in a school that has a religious component, you can find one that has the same philosophic and religious viewpoint as your family. When you enroll your children in public school, your choices are quite limited. For this reason, parents of children who are enrolled in private schools are more likely to express their satisfaction with their children’s education than those who have their children in a public school.

Lоwеring the Minority Gар

In a private school setting, the gap between achievement scores of minority students and Caucasian students is much lower than in the public school system. Minority students who attend private schools are much more likely to attend college as well. Parents of minority children who wish for their kids to advance need to seriously consider private schools as an alternative source of education for their kids.

Mоrе Parental Involvement

Parents who are considering private education for their children are already interested in their children’s education, but studies have shown that parents who are paying for independent schools to educate their children take a more active interest in how their children are doing in school than those who do not pay education expenses. Perhaps this is because the parents are paying for the schooling, rather than allowing the government to pay, but regardless, this commitment to helping a child succeed in school is part of the reason that kids from private schools do better overall than those from public schools.

There is no question that private education represents a significant investment on the part of the parents, but with these benefits, it is an investment that is definitely worth making. After all, your child is depending on you to ensure that he has the best possible education, and you can provide this from the first day he steps foot in school by choosing a private school.

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