Calvary Road Baptist Academy is focused on educational excellence and traditional, God honoring values. While today’s current educational system seeks to indoctrinate our children with questionable morals and doctrines, we seek to instill a sense of responsibility and moral courage in our students, while focusing on providing a strong, well-rounded education.

We also recognize how critical it is to prepare our students in partnership with our parents. Calvary Road Baptist Academy offers a self-paced, transformative, educational model with a curriculum that truly changes not only minds but also hearts.  We accomplish this while preparing students for living lives of purpose and distinction for the cause of Christ.

Calvary Road Baptist Academy is also committed to the highest educational standards, while making sure that our students truly understand what is being taught. Every child has a God-given potential, and it is our goal to enable them to maximize this potential for the new generation. Woven throughout our educational system are habit forming and critical thinking tasks, enabling and engaging students to be prepared for the future outside of high school, both academically and spiritually.

We also provide a safe environment for our students, allowing them to be able to focus on their educational goals, while giving our parents peace of mind that cannot be found in most public school settings.

We welcome you to discover what a great, quality, Christian education can do for your child’s life at Calvary Road Baptist Academy, “Where a Private, Christian Education is Affordable Again.”